What is this "red eye effect"?

The red-eye effect in photography is the appearance of red pupils in color photographs of eyes. Simply put, your eyes might have red color in some photographs.

What causes red eyes in your photos

It occurs when taking photos with a flash that is near the camera lens, in low ambient light conditions. Reflected light from eye pupils gets painted red by blood cells.

How to prevent it?

  • Ask your subject to look at your shoulder instead of the lens
  • Increase ambient light and do not use the flash
  • Use a camera with flash that is farther away from the lens, or even a separate flash.
  • Utilize your cameras red eye removal techniques if any exists
  • ...

How to fix red eyes quickly?

That's just what is website was created for, go to the front page and follow instructions, move mouse over blue information icon to get toolbox descriptions.